alone or in a group for a visual and/or practical experience


The Visual Experience

The Visual Experience offers an hour of explanation on the previous and posthumous work of the ongoing process, describing the techniques and the various steps needed to create a jewel

Create your ring in Venice!

The Practical Experience involves the decoration of a modeling wax ring (such as a band or wedding ring) by texturizing the surface, and subsequently the worked models by the student they can be cast in metal (bronze, silver or gold) and finished by us with delivery and  shipping of the finished jewel.

Create your necklace / bracelet with rosary technique

In this experience the student will learn to create a jewel with pearls bound with metal wire (copper, silver), learning to make buttonholes that will connect the beads to each other.

There is also the possibility of choosing pearls and purchasing them to create the jewel that will remain with the customer

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